Move Help LLC

Moving Labor Service Provider

Services We Offer

We provide Labor for Loading and Unloading your moving rental truck is what we do. Any brand of truck.

You rent a moving truck. You are packed and ready to go. Except you now have to load everything onto the truck. We can help! We will load your rental truck from: a home, apartment, storage unit, office, etc..

Had enough of this move? Don't feel like breaking your back unloading the rental truck? We can help! We will unload your rental truck contents into: a home, apartment, storage unit, office, etc. If you choose, we will place items where you want.

Areas We Service

Kingman, Arizona and surrounding areas.

About Us

We are proud to be Veteran owned. Always ontime, reliable, friendly, and affordable moving help. We are respectful of you, your property, and your desires. We strive to please. We will make your move as issue and stress free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you provide the rental truck, blankets to cover my furniture, appliance dolly, or tie downs?

No, we do not provide the rental truck. You rent the truck, then hire us to load or unload the truck. We offer labor only service. We do not provide any moving supplies, Blankets, tie downs, and appliance dolly is up to you, the customer, to provide.

2. Will you pack or unpack my belongings?

No, we do not pack or unpack. We load or unload your rental truck only.

3. Can you place my furniture? Can you put my bed together?

Yes, we can do that for you. 

4. Do you offer same day service?

No, we do not offer same day service.

5. Do you offer next day service?

No, we do not offer next day service.

6. I have ordered your service, and I am waiting for you to call. I tried calling you, but you do not answer. When will you call me?

If we do not answer during business hours, we are on a job. We do not answer the phone while on a job. We will call you as soon as possible after you order. Feel free to leave a voicemail.

7. Do you have a minimum number hours and laborers per job?

Yes the minimum is 2 hours - 2 laborers.


We do not discriminate. This business serves everyone!